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Made-to-measure push-to-open wardrobe London

Homeowner choosing bespoke walk-in wardrobes in most cases love to design those themselves. In such instances, there are tips and tricks to follow to ensure that the end result is what was aimed at. Customising the fitted wardrobe or cupboard is not a particularly difficult task once all the tips mentioned below are carefully followed. The end result of the effort is usually worth the stress and many people are beginning to embrace the idea of having built-in wardrobes designed to match their taste and personality.

Design according to your needs

One of the commonest mistakes made by many homeowners looking for bespoke wardrobes is to satisfy what really matters – their needs, while designing the wardrobe. While beauty is an important element of the design, it is important not to forget the major reason for having customised wardrobes, which is to meet your particular needs. As opposed to freestanding wardrobes where the user has little or no control over the design and features, customised wardrobes are meant to suit the particular needs of the individual.

Consider Fitted Shoe Storage

In addition to the point mentioned above, people that have lots of shoes are usually advised to get enough shelves to accommodate the shoes in the wardrobe. This does not only add beauty to the wardrobe, but it also takes care of one of the benefits of customized wardrobes – effective arrangement.

Handy Drawers

As the name connotes, handy drawers can be very handy and useful. You therefore want to ensure that you always have them as they are easy storage options for your underwear, socks etc.

Hanging Space

You might also need to think of how long the hanging space should be. Do you have a lot of long dresses, skirts, jackets or coats? In this case you might want to have a full-length hanging space instead of splitting the height of the wardrobe in 2 smaller hanging areas.

The tips mentioned above will help you to design and to choose the features of your bespoke fitted wardrobes. For more fitted wardrobe design ideas call our team on 020 3561 0820 or fill in the form