Modern fitted bedroom with bespoke wardrobe and bookcase
Custom made modern high gloss hinged door wardrobe with made-to-measure fitted book case

Fitted wardrobes can significantly change the look and feel of a home. A simple addition of a built-in wardrobe can be tremendous and not only enhance the beauty of the home but also add value.

While getting walk-in wardrobes or fitted wardrobes might be a good investment for the home, it is important to consider some factors when choosing them to avoid making mistakes that could defeat the aim of purchasing the wardrobes in the first place.

For persons looking to buy loft wardrobes or even those that already have them, below are some tips to help in your next selection process. Arranged in no particular order, these tips can be the difference between giving your home the desired facelift and wasting your hard-earned money.

Consider the Household

The first point to consider when choosing a fitted wardrobe is what the people in the household feel about the idea of getting one and even the style of built-in wardrobe.

A simple detail like the colour of the wardrobe is enough reason for rejection. It is, therefore, important to bring the household along as you plan to get a wardrobe.

Colour and Style Fit

Once you have been able to reach an agreement with the members of your family as regards the idea of opting for a fitted wardrobe, it is important that the style and colour match the existing design and style of the house. This is to ensure that the colours are not clashing with furnishings that you already have in the house.

However, this point might not be necessary if you are looking to have a total home makeover as you only have to match the wardrobe style and colour with the intended colour and style for the house.

Quality over Cost

Many people make the mistake of sacrificing quality for cost, which eventually turns to being penny wise and pound-foolish.

While there might be tons of low-cost or cheap fitted wardrobes in the market, it is worth noting that investing in quality fitted wardrobes remains the best option, even if you have to save up for it.

The home is meant to be a place where you find solace, and everything should be put in place to ensure your house is actually a home, and this includes getting quality fitted wardrobes.