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One of the important upcoming events which will be happening is at the Business Design Center in central London from 9th Feb – 11th Feb called Surface Design Show. This event will be about new inventions in materials that are used for furniture surfaces. A great event to visit to have a greater understanding about what types of materials will be the best choice for different types of fitted wardrobes, sliding doors wardrobes and wardrobes in general. Another great event will be at the famous venue Excel called Ecobuild and will be happening from 8th March – 10th March. This exhibition will be about the how to create and how to choose environmentally friendly furniture. In addition, Chelsea Harbour and Surrounding Showrooms in Chelsea London will hold an amazing event for interior designers and for people who want to expand their knowledge in interior and furniture designs. This event will be held from 13th March to 18th March. Additional information can be found on The British Contract Furnishing Association website.

However, our company also have professional designers who are always ready to help you with choosing a bespoke wardrobe, fitted wardrobe or sliding door wardrobe. As well as the type of materials, style and design!