Bespoke walk in wardrobe London
Custom made fitted walk in wardrobes with fitted shoe storage

We are bespoke walk-in wardrobes specialists and whether you have a new home or just renovating your current one, you can have us create custom made fitted wardrobes for you and your family. Walk in wardrobes can be used as dressing rooms and depending on the size, you can have a sofa to sit when you put your shoes on. These are very versatile and have a lot of wall space which can be shelved – right from the floor to ceiling.

While walk-in wardrobes take up more space than regular fitted wardrobes, they have a lot of benefits as well:

  1. You get lots of hanging space for your wardrobe. You can easily see everything you require.
  2. The clothes are not jammed together and therefore, they don’t get creased
  3. With bespoke fitted shoe storage, the footwear is neatly displayed rather than jumbled on the floor of the wardrobe.
  4. There are shelves for folded items and so winter clothes or seasonal clothing need not be crammed into drawers.
  5. You can have a glass topped case to display your necklaces, rings, earrings and watches. This helps you to pick the right jewellery so that you can match your outfit of the day.
  6. This doubles up as a dressing room and you can relax when you are dressing. You can even have a floor to ceiling mirror along with a side table and chair.
  7. As we specialise in custom made fitted wardrobes we can fit yours with almost any features you would like to have – leather or faux-leather inserts, sensor LED lightning, tie racks etc.

The walk-in wardrobes we create have different options you can choose from. You can have as many shelves as your space allows and so the clothes can be arranged in different categories as per your criteria or else if you have endless pairs of shoes, you can dedicate an entire wall with compartments for your shoes. Bespoke fitted shoe storage in this case is of a great importance for footwear lovers.