Built in wardrobe with hinged doors
Made-to-measure fitted wardrobe for reception

There are so many different ways not only to make a house cozy and match your style but apply efficient storage as well. There are all sorts of wardrobes out there that can contain the many items you have but also be tailored to your exact needs and demands. Not everyone has the same amount of clothes, shoes and accessories in a home and may not need a generic-sized wardrobe. Fortunately, there are fitted wardrobes that let you get the exact size of closet for your needs and really sets you apart from other homes in the neighbourhood. Whatever you’re after, think about trying out a fitted project instead as it really adds a touch of flair to an already amazing home.

Sliding Door Wardrobes

One of the most contemporary types of wardrobes. These modern sliding door wardrobes can come in all shapes and sizes. This means exactly what it sounds like, that you do not have to take the time of actually swinging the door inside and out, hitting your clothing in the process or blocking the way for the door to be moved. Now, you just simply slide it in and out, thus not concerning yourself with scuffing your shoes or crashing into what it is inside. No matter what kind of sliding door you pick, it is important to pick whichever matches your personality and stick with that theme.

Hinged Door Wardrobes

Another type of closet that you can use for a fitted wardrobe is the modern hinged door wardrobe. This storage solution is one of the most sleek that you can buy, and really add a touch of elegance. A modern hinged door is just a door that is hanging off its hinges while open, allowing you to see everything in one fail swoop and keeping the door thin and out of the way. They are truly unique among all the doors and are usually reserved for someone with many items. Regardless of the door you pick, nothing beats adding modern fitted wardrobes to the home and really helps you make your bedroom your own.