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Everyone needs a styled living space and it depends highly on your personality how you design it up. One bedroom might seem to be small and less spacious when you go for more added furniture as it takes all the space and leave no sight for you to walk. While other bedrooms of the same size look well planned and still have open space as they have their furniture sorted so! Do you know what the difference is? The fitted wardrobe! Yes, made to measure wardrobes are the great furniture option for someone who wants to give their room a high style quotient but does not want to lose out on that extra space.

Built in wardrobes help you allot space of the room in a specific manner and let you to design your furniture according to your choices. That drawer to keep the room essentials and that corner for housing the unimportant stuff is all taken care of when you fit the furniture according to your choice and vision. With made-to-measure fitted wardrobes you can mix and match materials, colours and structures, and you get the storage solution for any unusual space or ceiling height.

One of the most desired storage solutions for women is the walk-in wardrobe. They just love having a closet, which is like a separate magic kingdom. Walk-in wardrobes allow you to keep your shoes, bags, dresses, shirts, make-up in order with dedicated storage spaces made right for them! Men love the idea of the walk-in closet as well as it let them to keep all ties, belts, watches, sweaters, etc. And with adding LED lightning and the right materials your walk-in wardrobe shall be a centre of attraction for your home!

Apart from keeping your clothes and accessories in place another important item are the shoes! The bespoke shoe storage never goes out of fashion and is like a dream section for any household. Who would not like just to open a door and have a little Cinderella moment? We all love our shoes and sandals and want to keep them in good fashion to breathe in peace and fitted shoe storage offers us the right way to store them in style. There are designs which let you store them in small box-like sections which separates a pair from another while others are designed to create a line of shoes at different elevations. Bespoke shoe storage is gaining popularity even today and can be found across a lot of stores who design and make it customised just for you!