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As a matter of fact most people do not know what are the functions of wardrobes in a home besides storing clothes and other items and also what are the types of wardrobes available.

If we talk of the functions of fitted wardrobes, they store our stuff, enhance the beauty of our homes and show the taste of the homeowner in designing the fine details of the interior. A wardrobe must be chosen intelligently and carefully so that it not only performs well but also looks good and optimises the use of precious space inside the home.

Talking of the types of wardrobes you can choose from, you have options like contemporary fitted wardrobes, traditional built in wardrobes, made-to-measure fitted bedrooms and customised walk-in closets. While traditional and shaker style wardrobes are made with hinged doors, if you are looking for contemporary and modern customised wardrobe you can choose between customised sliding and hinged doors. The main thing to know is how to select a specific type of bespoke fitted wardrobe.

This choice depends on a number of factors like the amount of space available, the amount of goods/clothes to be stored and many others. If you have a very small space, the best option is to have a sliding door fitted wardrobe as it does not need much space to open and close the doors.

Moreover, it also depends on the interior design of the house. The fitted loft storage, customised walk-in closed or any other bespoke storage solution must be designed to be synchronous with the other décor elements.