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Wardrobes have been around for many years as storage places for our clothes. They are mainly comprised of shelves, draws and doors. Walk-in wardrobes are by far one of the more envy invoking and most definitely luxury wardrobe designs among the many variants.

What Is A Walk-in Wardrobe?

Custom made walk-in wardrobes or fitted walk-in closet is a large scale wardrobe that allows the individual the freedom of physically walking inside to get to their clothes. Some of these fitted wardrobes also have ample space to change and often feature a designated seating area to put shoes on more comfortably.

Size Wise

When it comes to the size of a walk-in closet, it is safe to say that a large space is required because it should be able to accommodate one or more people to be able to walk in as the name implies. It is also required that apart from shelves or drawers to pack folded clothes; it has to be able to accommodate hanging garments as well as to have separate storage for accessories and shoes.

Convert a Space into A Fitted Walk-in Wardrobe

Sometimes there are spaces within a home that may be vacant or not really used. So if you sat back and thought about the design of your home, you may find some room for your new fitted walk-in closet. Some people convert a smaller room for instance, but there are also several ways you could maximise the space even further. Consider the floor space and make use of sliding doors and by having doors, the rest of the room won’t tend to look cluttered. Clever fittings can also help to utilise the wardrobe space even better. There are endless ideas when it comes to walk-in wardrobes whether you’re dressing it up into a chic dressing area or keeping it simple and functional.

More on Design

These days one can personalise all your furniture and home décor to suit your styling needs. With bespoke built-in wardrobes, designs differ one from the other. There are 3 types of basic designs namely straight walk-in, L-shape and U shaped. A straight walk-in closet utilises more floor space and is generally larger. U-shaped walk in’s uses a 3 walled design and also allows for more storage space. With the L-shaped walk-in less space is utilised but works effectively to store more clothes that the average wardrobe size would. When it comes to colour it is also a great idea to paint the wardrobe with a lighter colour such as white, neutral, pale pink, off yellow, basically a colour that won’t steal the spotlight from your clothes. With a neutral or less overwhelming colour, your clothes will be the main feature and truly be accentuated.

Walk-in closets are great as a his and hers touch to your home and allows you the freedom to see all your clothes without having to rummage through them too much, more like a shop display.