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One of the most important questions in bedroom design is storage space solution. This type of wardrobe will compliment the look of your bedroom if you choose the right type. There are several options for you to choose from.

The benefit of a bespoke fitted wardrobe is the wide choice of styles, colours, materials and structures. This is one of the reasons why people hesitate to incorporate a wardrobe into their design plans. This is where our designers can be of great use.

The main choices are between sliding door wardrobes or hinged door wardrobes, contemporary wardrobes or tradition shaker-style wardrobes. The difference between a sliding door and a hinged door is obvious; a sliding door slides from one side to another as the wardrobe opens and the hinged door opens outwards. Choose carefully between either of these types of wardrobes. Bespoke fitted wardrobes are the great storage solution for your loft loft as well and will help you to complete the design of your room with subtle, refined taste.

There is a bespoke storage solution for any room and home, call 020 3561 0820 or e-mail info@i-wardrobes.co.uk