Classic fitted closet with spray-painted doors

Most of the people like to have the walk in wardrobe because it is easy to manage the clothing and the accessories in such storage solution. There are many compartments in the wardrobe that makes it easy to separately arrange all the items that you have, and you can easily access them whenever you like. Here are some the things you might wish to consider before choosing your made to measure wardrobe.

Quality of the materials used for your fitted wardrobe

First, you have to consider the material that will be used for the wardrobe. Another important thing to consider is the finishing of the wardrobe. Materials with the thicker structure might require more cleaning than non-structured ones. It also is very important to make sure the joinery used is of the highest quality as it is something that can affect the durability of the unit.

Features of the fitted storage unit

When you will order the bespoke walk-in wardrobe the experts will come to take the measurements of the area where you want the wardrobe to be.

  • Make sure that you provide the right guidance to the experts regarding the number of compartments you would like to have in your made to measure wardrobe
  • One of the most popular features to consider is the fitted shoe storage. You should know how much space you will need for your shoes so that you can arrange them easily as the height/length of different pair of shoes or its boxes is different.
  • Think about the length of hanging sections for the same reason you should consider the dimensions of all your shoe pairs. You don’t want to end up realizing the height of the hanging space if not sufficient after the wardrobe is fitted.
Style and design of the closet

While working with the fitted wardrobe company you will be provided ideas about different styles and designs of the fitted storage. Assure that you pay attention to the area that you have while selecting the wardrobe style. The main decision to make is to choose between the hinged and sliding doors. Another option would be to have the walk-in wardrobe with no doors. We always suggest to think about having a mirror fitted, as it is something that many clients find it necessary.

Designing the bespoke walk-in wardrobe might seem to be not an easy task. It is important that you hire the professionals for the process because that is the only way you will get the best results. We have been working in the industry for many years and our experts have designed many high-quality bespoke fitted wardrobes. Feel free to get in touch to arrange free design visit for a draft CGI design drawings and a quote.