Fitted attics wardrobe with mirror sliding doors
Made to measure fitted loft wardrobe with sliding mirror doors


Probably everyone wants to make their home more classy, luxurious, and according to the new fashion trends. It is important to decorate every corner of a house carefully. If we talk about today’s modern world, the more the sizes of houses are shrinking; the number of clothes is increasing. There is a need for a perfect walk-in wardrobe or a dressing room because it is the area where all our clothes, dressing and accessories are arranged. So managing these bulks of clothes might be a huge challenge.

For the proper management of clothes and accessories, there are varieties of wardrobes having different, eye-catching and unique styles. Now it is very easy to have them. You can contact different companies who are designing very classy and awesome wardrobes.

The advantage of fitted wardrobe is that it maximizes the space in your room. I-wardrobes can provide you with made-to-measure fitted storage solution. Bespoke sliding wardrobes are the most common and popular. These can add beauty and structure to any room. These wardrobes are available in wood, gloss and glass finishes and various colors with different frames and shapes.

Contemporary fitted wardrobes come in the different styles according to the modern fashion trends. We believe that your dressing room deserves something special. The most appealing thing about modern fitted wardrobes is that they are easily fitted into many different configurations. These can be fitted with sliding, folding and modern hinged doors making them easy to open and close. Now you are able to transform the look of your dressing room or bedroom with modern contemporary designed wardrobes.

If you want to bring beauty to your rooms, go for bespoke wardrobes. Crafted by I-wardrobes according to your own design these can change your bedroom and dressing room from ordinary to something exceptional. We use only high-quality materials while creating the storage solutions for our customers.