Custom made fitted book case for Victorian house in London

So why do you need bespoke storage solution for your home? Well, every room in the house is unique, from the bedroom to the kitchen, from the lounge to the bathroom and in each room you keep a lot of things.

How we use these rooms depend on the activities that we associate with them, which can change over time as the kids grow up and our requirements change. The point is, over time we collect a lot of things, including precious items and gadgets and there is a need to have a versatile storage for them, one that makes efficient use of space.

We need storage not just to store things, but to keep them safe and secure, to protect them. Also, we need the storage to be efficient enough so that we can retrieve whatever we need as and when we want it and in the right condition. For example, how often have you took a shirt, jeans, sweater or polo shirt from a closet and find it crumpled?

That’s why you need bespoke storage solution – custom made fitted wardrobes and cabinets that will reflect your personality, style and needs, and what is also important – the individuality of your home. People choose made-to-measure fitted closets to utilise space efficiently. And in many cases people start considering bespoke wardrobes when they decide how they will choose the loft – it is close to impossible to find the right wardrobe or chest of drawers that would fit a room with slopped ceilings. That’s why our customers choose our bespoke fitted wardrobes. This is one the most popular solution for maximising the storage space within the house.

There are several reasons to use bespoke home storage. Let’s look at those that are most important.

Reason #1: Flexibility – Bespoke storage makes more efficient use of space. You won’t have to worry about fitting something into a space where it won’t, no matter how hard you try. This means no more fitting square pegs into round holes with made-to-measure storage solutions such as fitted closets, made-to-measure closet or fitted bedroom. The storage is customised according to the space available.

Reason #2: Lifestyle – Made-to-measure storage is designed by yourself so you decide how it will look like and what will be behind the doors or if you need doors at all. Everyone has their own lifestyle, some spend a lot of time in the bathroom, and others prefer to take a quick shower. Habits, routines and lifestyles differ from person to person. So it is not a smart idea to create the same storage solution for everyone. A layout that works well for a family, an individual or a home may not suit another. But with bespoke solutions, you can design storage depending on what you like best and how you live your life.

Reason #3: High quality materials – no matter fi you prefer traditional hinged door wardrobes or modern sliding door closets – we make them from renown materials of a very high quality. They are installed by our experienced team.

Reason #4: Unlimited design options – We have made-to-measure storage options for every taste – minimalist, contemporary, classic, funky and ultra-modern and many more. We just make you ideas into reality as you create the design of the wardrobe yourself paying attention to your likes and dislikes.

Reason #5: Expertise – Our design team has years of experience in bespoke home storage. We have designed and installed personalised storage solutions for thousands of homes in London. is a London fitted furniture manufacturer specialising in bespoke walk-in wardrobes, fitted bedrooms, custom-made built-in wardrobes. Do call us at 020 3561 0820 or fill in the form to book a free furniture designer visit and a FREE quote.