Fitted push-to-open hinged door wardrobe London
Made-to-measure push-to-open wardrobe London

If you are building a new home or are getting your home renovated, you should consider getting fitted wardrobes for your bedrooms and other rooms. If you have run out of storage space, these wardrobes can be of immense help in keeping your belongings out of sight. The built-in wardrobes also help you to keep your room cozy and uncluttered. Here are some essential reasons why homeowners choose made-to-measure wardrobes.

Fitted wardrobes can help you to maximise the space.

If you want a way to keep everything in order, you will find that fitted wardrobes are probably the best. They help you to maximise the space because they are made fitted according to your requirements and with the space you have in mind. Many homeowners prefer modern sliding door wardrobes and this is very advantageous. You can easily place a chair or any other trappings in front of your storage unit and still have easy access to the wardrobe.

Built-in wardrobes are made to measure.

It is easy to design fitted wardrobes with all the features that you desire as compared to freestanding wardrobes that are usually ready made which give you no room for customisation. Freestanding wardrobes don’t have compartmentalised allocations for your items. Making customised and fitted closets easily solve this problem because you choose the compartments and determine how to allocate them. In other words, you create your own unique space and this is done in a modern and voguish manner. When wardrobes are made to measure, they only occupy the space that you have for them.

Using materials and finishes you like.

Modern fitted wardrobes allow you to use suitable materials and the finishes that you want. Freestanding wardrobes in contrast use materials and finishes that are decided on by manufacturers. You choose the type of material and paint you want to apply to your bespoke wardrobe and in the end, they look like they are part of your house. Another advantage of bespoke wardrobes is that you can add LED lighting. Freestanding wardrobes can be dark on the inside making it difficult for you to find some items. Fitted wardrobes with LED lighting look stylish and are very functional. If you are planning to construct a new home or are getting a home renovation, you have enough reasons to consider bespoke fitted closets.