Fitted push to open door reception storage

Fitted reception wardrobe

Here, at I-Wardrobes,  we specialise in bespoke wardrobes and have built custom-made storage solutions for many homes and apartments in and around London. We certainly believe that investing in a made-to-measure wardrobes is something every homeowner should consider.

We do realise that a lot of people buy a simple wardrobes because they feel it is more convenient – you just go to a shop and buy one, but that is not really the case, when you think about it.

Yes, you can just order a wardrobe online and have it delivered to your home. But in some time, once you start using it, in many cases people get frustrated with it because of the lack of sufficient storage.

Bespoke fitted wardrobes do take more time to install, but they have many more advantages than a ready-to-buy unit. Let’s explain why!

Firstly, fitted walk-in wardrobes make much better utilisation of the space. So you can have the hanging rails for the length you actually need, shelves as large or small as you wish, as many drawers as you like, the only limit is the space available.

The most common issue that a lot of people have with the ready-to-buy closets is that they waste a lot of space at the top. Of course, you could put something you do not use often on top of it, but how would you protect it from the dust?  Also, what about all the spaces on the sides? Doesn’t make sense, right?

That’s why you might wish to opt for a bespoke fitted wardrobe made to fit the ceiling height you have and the space you have available. You can choose to have the fitted shoe storage and fitted accessory drawers, shelves, hanging rails, LED lights etc. The made-to-measure wardrobe will be customised depending on the layout of your room and will be built according to the design chosen and created by yourself.

You can, for example, have leather of wood effect panels for the doors, or to have mirror doors that would make the room look larger and lighter.  The bespoke wardrobe can fill up the unused spaces in unusual layout rooms. You can for example, fit in enough storage options for rooms with sloping ceilings or uneven walls.

But the important thing is to hire the right professionals to design, build and install your made-to-measure wardrobe. Always go with the experienced team, here at I-wardrobes we specialize in fitted storage solution including the mirror sliderobes, traditional hinged door closets and modern wardrobes. Click here to book a free design visit and we will be in touch shortly to agree the convenient time and day for you.