Fitted traditional closet
Custom made traditional wardrobe

The wardrobe is not only a storage solution. The right choice of the style and colour can increase the beauty of your room and can surely transform it into a stylish and comfortable space. The smart choice of wardrobe can also increase the value of the home. It is important to choose the style of the wardrobe for each room separately. It might seem easier to get the same style for every closet in the house, however each room has different vibe and purpose. This is why we always recommend to think of each room separately.

A custom-made wardrobe gives you an opportunity to get the maximum storage space in your room. It especially is important in smaller rooms or homes with slopping or high ceilings.

The beauty of getting a custom made traditional closet is an opportunity to choose the lattice fretwork to your choice as well as colour of the paint and the type of the mirror or glass. Your bespoke traditional closet can suit not only period properties but also modern homes and often is a choice for fitted home offices and reception rooms.

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