Bespoke made-to-measure fitted sliderobe
Neutral colour sliding door fitted wardrobe in St Johns Wood, London

Wardrobes are usually only considered as a space for keeping items such as clothing, shoes, and other sorts of garments, while with the right choice your storage solution could become a real design feature. Walk-in wardrobes are made as a separate room of its own and gives you an opportunity to walk all the way inside in order to pick out what you need for the day. This is definitely something that causes people’s heads to turn as it is in a class of its own.

Another type of wardrobe that is very unique and made to make our lives easier is the fitted loft wardrobe. Made-to-measure loft wardrobes can fit around your entire wall, meaning it will angle with the ceiling itself, and comes with many different areas for you to put stuff in. These are made especially with vaulted and angled ceilings, and you are even given the option to have the design tailored to how your ceiling works. With I-Wardrobes no two fitted loft wardrobes are made the same and this is truly the mark of someone trying to be as unique and innovative as they can.

Our wardrobes will be tailored to exactly what you need and create a sense of independence for what you have to hold. Regardless of what your space is, if you are tired of seeing the same old wardrobes and want to have something unique to yourself, fitted wardrobes are definitely for you.