Recently we posted about the materials we use to provide the best quality for our customers, as well as how we make our products unique and bring luxury to fitted wardrobes. The post about the materials could be found in our latest news section. Alternatively, to find out more about all of the materials we provide, follow this section “Materials“. Today’s post is about the XYLOCLEAF Melamine Faced Chipboard material that we use to bring together luxury and innovation to our exclusively designed products. XYLOCLEAF are a unique range of decors which are created using an original process of thermal fusing in which decorative papers are treated with melamine resins. Under heat and pressure it becomes part of the panel itself. Thus, it becomes durable and sturdy, as well as becoming extremely resistant to scratches and chemicals. XYLOCLEAF products are perfect to be used in different aspects of interior design and furniture.

In our case XYLOCLEAF Melamine Face Chipboard is the perfect material to be used with any type of wardrobe we provide to our customers. XYLOCLEAF materials will enhance the luxury design of the type of a wardrobe chosen, whether that is a fitted wardrobe, bespoke sliding doors wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe. However, our designers are always ready to assist you with choosing the most suitable wardrobe to meet your everyday storage needs.